The Pasternak Case, written and directed by Valeria Paniccia

This is the story of a Soviet writer and a Milanese editor who never met.
But it is also the love story between that writer, married, and his muse and lover. A story which shocked the world.
November 23, 1957, the first bestseller in modern publishing is released in Italy and the rest of the world:
Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak. The book, which becomes a famous film 8 years later, is published by a 31-year-old young man and PCI supporter, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli. This novel, prohibited and exorcised by the Soviet powers will win the author the Nobel prize in 1958.
But the editorial ins and outs are rather complex and mysterious, full of surprises, arrests, and trials, forced letters and letters that never reached the recipients.
In the background, the war between the KGB and the CIA. The secret conflict between Soviet powers and Italian Communists.
The Pasternak Case, written and directed by Valeria Paniccia, hides a double plot in which two souls meet: the Russian soul and the Italian soul.

r 30Pasternak, Olga Ivinskaja and her daughter Irina Emelianova, 1957 copia

Olga Ivinskaya, Boris Pasternak, Irina Emelianova (photo@courtesy of Irina Emelianova)

For the first time CARLO FELTRINELLI, publisher and son of Giangiacomo Feltrinelli speaks on television. And the episode of La Storia siamo noi, hosted by Giovanni Minoli sees the following guests: EVGENY PASTERNAK, the son of Boris Pasternak and of his first wife, SERGIO D'ANGELO, Radio Moscow reporter 1956-58 and talent scout of manuscript Doctor Zhivago, JACQUELINE DE PROYART, Pasternak’s agent, LAZAR FLEISHMAN, Standford University, VITTORIO STRADA, Boris Pasternak’s friend, GIUSEPPE GARRITANO, Moscow “L’Unità” correspondent, GIACOMO CAMPIOTTI, director of the Doctor Zivago, tv movie (2002), IRINA EMELIANOVA, Olga Invinskaja’s daughter. Olga was Pasternak’s lover and inspired the character of Lara in the novel. Boris is 46 and Olga is 34.They meet for the first time in '46, in the office of Novy Myr, a monthly magazine that was to publish the novel, but later refused to do so because it was hostile to the socialist revolution. Olga paid dearly for her love: 8 years in a forced labor camp. Irina was also detained in the same gulag for 3 years.

 r 30Evgenij Pasternak and Carlo Feltrinelli, photo by Valeria Paniccia
Evgeny Pasternak and Carlo Feltrinelli (photo by Valeria Paniccia)

Among the never-before-seen footage, a passionate kiss between Olga and Boris and a moment of the panansovietic assembly in which a Comunist party official defines Boris Pasternak “a pig who soils his own trough”. Wladimir Semiciastnjy, the Secretary of Young Communist Assembly, and future KGB Chief, on 29th October 1958 before 13,000 spectators, invites Pasternak – defined a pig – to go to the capitalist paradise. Only in 1989 it was discovered that that tirade against Pasternak was infact the words of Crusciov. But Semiciastnjy said that a head of state could not have pronounced them.

Pasternak dvd cover NTSC  copia

 r 30Pasternak's dacha
Peredelkino, Pasternak’s dacha (foto by Valeria Paniccia)

 r 30Dacha's Pasternak

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